KIA Produces New Electric Vehicles Models

KIA produces new models of electric vehicles that will be popular among young people. Last time we can see that Kia and Hyundai companies are leading cars` producers in the electric vehicle world. Many people like KIA for democratic prices, good quality and reliability. KIA has often been chosen as the best EV brands only trailing Tesla.

New electric vehicles must meet the requirements of a modern person; therefore leading manufacturers of electric cars spend time not only to quality and reliability of a car, but also try to follow fashion trends in the automotive industry. You can see interesting information about new electric KIA below.

New Electric Car KIA NIRO
New Electric Car KIA NIRO

KIA Future Electric Cars

Electric car for young people have to be unique design, that accordance to their philosophy, so the design is one of the priorities of a modern EV KIA.  New Electric KIA has given many drivers the impression they’re “more modern about” electric vehicles than other Auto producers.

 I’ve own opinion about KIA and I like the value for money for the Korean cars. Really, Kia producing a tiny number of cars for the large Auto market of USA. There is a very big potential of KIA electric Car in US.

First KIA`s electric cars show that they have been created by talented developers and engineers.  The KIA all-electric cars can win a good share of the US market. 

Personally I have a very different opinion as to why so few KIA cars are in US. Maybe, it is position of Government to save own automakers. What do you think?

KIA Company press releases indicate that the company would offer near 10 new EVs by 2025. Company works under development and production of the fully electric models KIA. It is likely that KIA is one of the main TESLA competitors in the US market in future. Kia mentions the term “ecofriendly vehicles,” so BEVs and BEVs + PHEVs will be producing too. Lastly, it appears that Kia is focusing on EVs.

Which are the best Electric SUVs: KIA NIRO EV or KIA SOUL EV?

That’s all we know! But we can also too see already exist EVs KIA like KIA NIRO EV and KIA SOUL EV.

New Kia Soul EV
Kia Soul EV

The KIA NIRO EV – is a really Kia electric SUV. The Niro EV is a good electric crossover which charging with an EPA-estimated 239-mile range. Kia Niro Electric price starting with $38,500.  

The Kia Soul EV, also named as the Kia e-Soul, is an all-electric crossover SUV making by Kia Motors Company. The US EPA estimated official range for the 2019 Kia Soul EV is 111 miles. The new Soul EV uses the Combo standard for 100-kw  fast-charging, quicker  than the Bolt EV and the Hyundai Kona EV.

Previous Kia Soul EV price starts with $21,430. The New Kona EV starts at $37,495, so the Kia Soul EV 2020 will start in the same ballpark.

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