New Electric Cars coming soon

We are going to talk about Electric vehicles that’s expected in nearest some years. These EVs aren`t for sale yet but perhaps a few you may see on our roads soon. It is not secret that Electric cars are the future, and confirmation of this is add more EVs to new EV lineup.

The list of every electric vehicle which will be soon.

There are many manufacturers EVs but it is fact that we will see new EVs manufacturers which would make the most competition.

Aspark Owl is the first of high-dollar Japanese hypercars

Aspark Owl is the first of high-dollar Japanese hypercars

The Aspark Owl (from Japanese: アスパーク OWL) is an full-electric battery-powered sports hypercar manufactured by Japanese engineering firm Aspark. The main Aspark`s goal is making the fastest accelerating electric car in the world. An electric hypercar can blast from zero­ to 60 mph in less 1.7 seconds.

The Aspark Owl produces nearly 2000 horsepower from four modern electric motors. Driving range is one of the most important characteristics for EVs today, so it has 64.0-kWh lithium-ion battery pack with which Aspark promises 280 miles of driving range. Such wonderful characteristics they are having thanks to body of carbon fibre, it weighing 120kg.  The Owl’s maximal speed is 400 mph, and it will be cost $3.2 million. It will be limited version to 50 units worldwide, so you can choice it if you like exclusive cars. Aspark Owlcoming in end-2020.

The main advantages of Aspark Owl:

  • from 0 to 60 mph in 1.7 seconds;
  • it has 4 PMSM that produce 2012 horsepower;
  • battery pack for a range of up to 450 km;
  • top speed is 400 km/h.

Electric Crossover Audi Q4

Electric Crossover Audi Q4

If you are a fan of Audi’s Q3 and Q5 crossovers, Audi Q4 will be good choice for you but you should know that it will only in an all-electric E-tron configuration.

The main advantages of Electric Crossover Audi Q4:

  • aerodynamic shape;
  • drag coefficient is 0.26;
  • improvements possible by further developing and updating;
  • real-world range increases via software updates.
  • Audi has plans to produce Q4 e-tron Sportback, which goes into series production in mid of 2021. So we will see these wonderful crossovers on our roads soon.

Electric car BMW i4

In next year many drivers wait for release of BMW i4 which is expected late 2021. This is electric car with 523 hp. It has 80.0-kWh battery pack, so the drive range will be enough for mid distance. Maker plans to start the BMW i4 production in 2021.  This All-Electric car will providing serious competition for the Tesla Model 3.

The main advantages of BMW i4:

  • Modern and fresh design;
  • electric motor with 523 hp;
  • from 0 to 60 mph in 4 seconds;
  • top speed is 124mph;
  • The battery pack with 80kWh provides the range of 373 miles.

BMW i4 will cost depending on spec, is priced between £39,500 and £55,500.


This BMW EV iX3 are waiting for it yet. This iX3 will has 150-kW charging, and 200 miles of range is expected.

Byton’s M-Byte and K-Byte EVs

Chinese EV makers is not stop and they promised supplied the Byton’s M-Byte and K-Byte EVs on European roads at soon. M-Byte will cost nearly $45,000 in the U.S.

You will be some variants for choice: 

Rear-wheel drive electric car with a capacity of 272 hp equipped with a 72.0 kWh battery, and also has two versions with a higher output of 95.0 kWh: an all-wheel drive version with 408 hp. and a rear wheel drive model. The large battery with a capacity of 95 kWh is capable of traveling up to 286 miles.

Faraday Future FF91 

Faraday Future FF91 is equipped with two electric motors with a total capacity of 1,050 horsepower. Acceleration of a large crossover from 0 to 100 km / h will take 2.4 seconds.

The big crossover can blast from zero­ to 60 mph in 2.4 seconds. Battery pack with 130.0-kWh provides the drive an estimated 378-mile range.

Modern car makers understand that the timely reorientation of production facilities for the production of the necessary products for the consumers` needs will play an important role in their development. Therefore, each of the manufacturers pays great attention to the development trends of electric vehicles in the world in order to stay in trend. The most anticipated and demanded electric vehicles include such models as Ford Mustang Mach-E, Lagonda All-Terrain, Evija, Mazda’s MX-30, Mercedes-Benz EQC400 4Matic, Porsche E Cross Turismo, Tesla Cybertruck, Tesla Roadster, VW’s second EV, Volkswagen I.D. Space Vizzion.

In the table below, you can find general characteristics for the mentioned electric vehicles, which may be of interest to you.

Comparison of Electric cars

In the table below you can see range comparison, tesla comparison with others modern electric cars, acceleration comparison, power comparison and top speed comparison.

ModelType of VehicleAcceleration, mph in secondPower, hpDriving range, miles/kmTop Speed, mph or km/h
Ford Mustang Mach-ECrossover60 mph in 3,5 seconds332 hp (459 for GT model)600 km111 mph
Lagonda All-TerrainAll-electric luxury car60 mph in 3,0 seconds608 hp300 miles250 mph
Lotus EvijaElectric Hypercar60 mph in 3,0 seconds2000 hp400 km320km/h
Mercedes-Benz EQC400 4Matic  Electric compact crossover4.9-second zero-to 60-mph time408 hp200 miles180 km/h
Porsche E Cross TurismoElectric wagon60-mph in 3,0 seconds600 hp500 km250 mph
Tesla RoadsterElectric quickest car60 mph in 1,9 seconds620 hp621 miles250 mph

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