New Mini Electric 2020 Review – really nice car for women

Mini Electric runs on this battery power although not yourself AAS obviously anyway in this article we`re not only going to be finding out what this car is drive were also can be finding out what it`s like inside. How long it will take to charge up and roughly how many miles you can expect from a full charge before we kick off if you`re not already subscribe to our website. Remember that whenever you choose to but your new car you can visit our website and get much knowledge about these cars.

This is the first electric mini, you`re actually be able to walk into a dealership by it isn`t the first time a battery electric motor found their way into a minute a small company based in Sweden has actually been selling. Converted versions of the original classic mini for about a year now.

So overall it feels quite a bit more upmarket in here than it does in a Renault. So even though that commas recently been overhauled and has a much nicer interior than it ever had previously.

Version of the previous generation hatchback called them many E. So styling well, it looks just like a regular coopers really doesn`t it although if you look closely. They`re also subtle differences the yellow detailing this.

It has provide greater ground clearance for the battery pack that stored underneath although you might not notice because these we launched rims here have been extended. So there`s not an ugly gap between the top of that I ran we launch yellows are also unique to this electric version.

Plug socket although if you`re not a fan or conventional will design it also offer a fairly obviously of course, there`s no petrol tank. So under the filler cap, you`ll find charge port and if you plug it at home using a 7 kilowatt charger then a full charge that from zero to 100% will take 4.2 hours. Although kind of course charge more quickly than using a public CCS charger inside while it feels just like any other mini really which is good thing because it means you get lots of soft touch materials up here. 

System in any smart car electric or otherwise, it`s really easy to use has Apple Carplay Smart Phone mirroring a standard and you can upgrade to this 8.8 inch screen from the standard 6 ½ inch one by adding the navigation plus pack. But there are one or 2 differences and you might notice.

Official figures this car can only do 145 miles on a full charge.

Clearly this isn`t really an electrical you should be considering if you got a long commute or you spend a lot of time driving around town if you`ve got of street parking so you can charge up regularly and particularly if you`ve got second call. So you can take care of longer journey to the weekend.

£1000 government grant you get when buying any electric car has been factored in you get a reasonable amount of standard equipment for that including climate control, headlights and automatic lights and wipers another couple of £1000 upgrade you to level 2. specifications. So you get things like keyless entry.

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