Real history about electric car – Nissan Leaf 2: overview, driving, on the inside, owning and verdict

Overview Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf 2: overview, driving, on the inside, owning and verdict

Every driver take the real joy of the stability work of motor and car grace. The proper standalone electric cars is real dream for many exist carmakers. It`s true today. However, this time the standalone cars will soon on the roads. For example, Nissan launching a full second generation of the Leaf. Many customers of Nissan Leaf like the tiny running costs, silence, simple practicality and convenience of home charging. Nissan Leaf has five seats, good boot, also it easy to drive and affordable to buy. Practices shows that people who have bought electric cars never return to combustion. The first Leaf had weaknesses, so it needed upgrades there too.

Nissan Leaf 2 has same motor as before, but it has a new heavy-duty inverter – that controls supplies of the electricity going on the car. So the motor can to develop much more power 150bhp, and the 0-62 time falls to 7.9sec. Nissan Leaf 2 prices are lower, model for model. The battery has a capacity of 40kWh. It got 168 miles range.

Driving Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf is very relaxing car for people who like silent and serene way of driving. If you want emotion like a GTI and of course, it’ll push back at you. It has a definite speed, but there is enough acceleration even at motorway. And it’s bewitchingly silent. Do not get carried away on the motorway and uphill because the battery charge will fell scarily drive up. It`s glad that on the way down to sea level we clawed back battery charge by careful use of regeneration. I can talk that driving up and down mountain passes is not what this car is for. But, Nissan Leaf is enchants you by the normal driving and the silent exactness of its power.

A new system ‘e-Pedal’ means you can get strong regenerative braking, that means you can avoid the brake pedal most of the time. In fact, you need use the actual brake pedal for events over only 0.2g.

Nissan Leaf on the inside

Nissan Leaf 2 on the inside

The seats are squidgy, a match for the laid-back driving. In the back’s good, except for a lack of foot-room under the front seats. The car boot is average and there is no spare wheel. The cabin is now more visually orthodox, so the instruments have relatively subdued graphics. You get built-in connected apps plus Android Auto and Apple Car Play on all model Nissan Leaf. The sound system is Bose. Leaf uses decently plush materials in the dash and doors. There are many cheap elements: the cup-holders are simple hard-plastic cylinders, none of the oddments bins are soft-lined. Therefore, a cabin is practical but not the very roomiest, and decently built if not offering the high quality.


If you drive more than 150-160 miles a day – a home charge is enough. The rapid-charge network give you an 80 percent charge in 40 minutes for enroute charging. Therefore, if you want a 300-odd-mile journey it can one stop for a coffee and a bite.

Nissan Leaf verdict

This Nissan Leaf 2 has a big sweet spot of usability, likability and affordability. Customers like it.

If you’re like a high speed road warrior the Leaf will not serve you. But it`s true that the real joy of the Nissan Leaf,  it is the charming grace and the motor. For the most drivers, it is simply a best source of motion. The main hits of the Nissan Leaf are a broad sweet spot of usability, high likability and cheap affordability.

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