The First Car Buying Experience

One of my first cars was the Daewoo Lanos – the Korean-made car. It would seem that this car does not deserve attention – after all, it has not been produced for a long time.

But when I started to figure out how to choose a Daewoo Lanos in the secondary market, what nuances to look for when buying a car, I found many interesting facts that will help you get to know this car better.

At that moment when I started to look the Daewoo Lanos, I learned that the design of this car was developed by an English engineer. I was also pleased with the fact that this car has a galvanized body, which indicates its durability.

You can also choose this car in several trim levels: standard (without power steering and air conditioning); se (with hydraulic booster); comfort (with power steering and air conditioning). I do not propose to compare Daewoo Lanos to cars of the best world brands that are equipped with numerous safety features, various modern systems and other high-tech equipment.

But this is the wonderful, because the less electronics and additional components, the less malfunctions.

When choosing a Daewoo Lanos, I primarily drew attention to the following parameters: body geometry, gaps between body elements, carefully inspected the paintwork for chips, damage and dents.

Painting and local body repair can be seen at a detailed inspection in good light. If you have little experience in this business, use a special device – a thickness gauge, which will help measure the thickness of the paintwork.

Then I inspected the engine compartment for extraneous fasteners, non-original spare parts, as well as the presence of leakage of working fluids from the vehicle’s components.

I listened to the engine idling (there should be no unnecessary noise and knocking). The engine should work evenly without interruption.

When choosing a car, I pay a lot of attention to the condition of the salon and its elements, such as a torpedo, steering wheel, pedals, seats and door and ceiling upholstery.

After a thorough check of all of the above, you need to test the car in driving. To do this, you need to conduct a small test drive that will let you understand how the brake system, steering and suspension work.
It is important to check the operation of the electrical system, lighting devices and various indicators and sensors. A thorough inspection of the car will allow you to avoid buying a faulty car and related problems on the road.

You can find out most of the information about the car in a conversation with the car owner even before the inspection. I decided to write a separate article about this, which will help you build a dialogue with the car owner to find out all the details about the technical condition of the car, the history of its operation and other pitfalls which the owner would prefer to keep quiet.

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