Volvo Construction

Volvo XC 90 Construction

Volvo XC 90 Construction

Every one blogger is writing about general Vehicle Construction but this article provides information about Volvo XC 90 construction.  Because this car doesn`t come cheap the buyer have a right to know all pitfalls about it car before buying.

I decided to talk you about general units and components of Volvo XC 90. We will know about, – «How an engine Volvo XC 90 works»? What`s the reliability the main parts of Volvo XC 90? Body structure and so on. Let`s begin to find all nuances of this car to know what will we buy. I want to begin with Volvo Body structure.

Volvo Body Structure

Volvo body
Body Volvo at the factory

Body should be beautiful and solid. Design of Volvo XC 90 is really beautiful and unique and you cannot look away from it.  We must understand the safe of human depends on the strength of the Volvo body structure, so I want to control it fully. A crash test provides control to ensure safe design standards in crashworthiness and crash compatibility for Volvo XC 90.
Automakers are making the Hinge Pillar of Ultra-high strength steels. In addition to strength steels it has uses a big size. Also Volvo points out that Volvo XC90 have a safety cage that used 40 percent hot-formed boron steel.

Volvo XC 90 body structure with color-coded, based on material use

Volvo body structure

XC 90 had got Electronically Controlled All Wheel Drive System and so people like it. But it is one of the most technically sophisticated systems on the car market. You can see
Electronically Controlled All Wheel Drive System Scheme at the picture shown below.

Electronically controlled All wheel drive system includes next modules:

AWD system construction

AWD system construction:

  1. Drivers information module (DIM);
  2. Central Electronic Module (CEM);
  3. Brake Control Module (BCM);
  4. Engine Control Module (ECM);
  5. Differential Electronic Module (DEM);
  6. Electronically Controlled Coupling (Differential Unit).

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