Electric Power Steering Construction or EPS Construction

The EPS are power steering systems that operate with electricity. The amplifier includes a torsion bar and a sensor. The sensor serves to supply current to the motor winding. An electric motor transmits torque using a worm gear.

The EPS Construction:

EPS Construction

1 – a steering column; 2 – electronic amplifier; 3 – an intermediate shaft; 4 – steering gear type rail; 5 – a device with a torsion bar; 6 – control unit; 7 – electronic drive, which includes a screw-ball-rail mechanism.

The main advantages of the EPS:

  • the EPS does not depend on the number of revolutions of the car engine,
  • the possibility of self-regulation
  • the ambient temperature does not affect the operation of the EPS;
  • profitability:

1) power steering (EPS) acts as an energy consumer only during the rotation of the steering wheel.

2) high efficiency of the electric motor.

High reliability of the EPS is ensured by: the absence of hoses and belts, gaskets and gaskets are not used. And most importantly, there is no need for additional fluids. In contrast to power steering, the EPS does not require topping up the working fluid and its replacement.

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