Ball Joint Construction

It is important to check the loaded joint in time because the driver loses control of the vehicle if a ball joint fails while driving.  This control you need to do ensuring the safety of a vehicle from time to time.

Ball Joint construction

A ball joint consists of a housing, ball stud, bearings, rubber boot, end cover, and spring.

Housing is the outer oval part of the ball joint, made from strong steel grade.

The insert part is contained inside the main «bowl», it is already made of better and more wear-resistant steel, capable of withstanding shocks.

“Ball” is an element that takes on most of the load. It is a metal (solid) ball welded with a “stud”.

Snap ring provides fixation of the “apple” in the housing.

Ball stud is an element that connects the support to the wheel.

Rubber boot protects from dirt, sand, moisture, etc.

Stud carving provides securely fasten support and the trunnion of the wheel.

Flange – is the part with holes for mounting of the support on the lever.

The ball joint can be attaching pressing or riveting. When the ball joint replacing drill out or cut the rivets.

Ball Joint Replacement

Types of Ball Joints

There are three main types of Ball Joints:

  • Loaded Joint;
  • Follower Joint;
  • Tie Rod End Ball Joints.

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