Checking Engine Dampers

Engine dampers are used to prevent bouncing up and down of the engine. We will see how to check engine dampers diy. The main task of extra dampers hold engine steady.

Checking the dampers

Usually the Cars with transverse engines have dampers – either plain steady bars , hydraulic telescopic units or a combination of them. It is need to check the dampers periodic. As rule you need check the dampers during major services or you see that engine is mooving abnormally.
One of the signs indicating the need to check the shock absorbers: thumping when accelerating or braking. See the bushes for distortion or perishing. Pay attention to the presence of oil streaks and the presence of cracks.
Try to move the bar by hand and If it moves at all, you need rechange bushes. Situation is more difficult if the bushes are integral and so you have to replace the whole bar.
Replace new bushes
Remove the bar unbolting at both ends. Inspect the details by damaged, and replace all doubtful parts.
So check a telescopic damper for signs of hydraulic leaks.
If you find a faulty damper, you need check the other engine mountings beacause the excessive movement probably damaged them too.

Check if there are the cracks in the bushes with screwdriver.
Unbolt the the bracketfrom the engine.
A replace the bush use a little washing-up liquid as a lubricant.
To adjust the steady bar loosen the locknut.

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