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Electric Motors construction, types, classification and working principle

An electric motor – is an element of the electric drive by which electrical energy is converted into mechanical work,…

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Permanent magnet synchronous motor construction

A permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) – is a synchronous electric motor which uses permanent magnets embedded in the inductor….

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7 most interesting Facts about Cars

There are seven most interesting facts about car, which can you interesting. 1. Cars came popularity in use during the…

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When electric cars will be more than internal combustion engines

The production of electric vehicles growths due to increased demand for them. Every day, the streets are filled with new…

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Electric Car under the Hood

We already know two main types of Electric Cars like as Battery Electric Cars and Plug-in hybrid Cars. The main…

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App to find EV Charging Stations

This website contains App to find EV Charging Stations and the manual of the software can be found and downloaded….

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Electric cars for Housewife

In this article, we will see the 4 Cheapest Electric Cars with price Below $40,000 In The U.S. which be…

Electric car future
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What is The Future for Internal Combustion Engines? Electric Cars arrive more and more on our streets.

Future of electric cars In recent years there has been a proliferation of electric car and the trend has been…