11 Ways You’re Longing the Life of Your Car

Don`t make these mistakes to help save your car on the road and out of the shop.

  1. Life of your car will be longer if you are not Banging Through Potholes

If you are driving through the potholes, you need to low the speed before the pothole and release the brake pedal just before the collision with the pothole. Ignoring for this rule may result wheel rims and brake struts bend.

  • Please use only top-tier-rated fuels

It helps to avoid expensive engine damage down the road.

3) Do regular driving

Regular driving is save the battery in work condition and helps to avoid   tires misshape.

  • Don`t driving with Improper Alignment

Improper Alignment is commonly issue can wear down your tires, hurt your car’s fuel economy and so an accident.

  • Wash the car

It`s not difficult to wash the car. There are many advantages of car washing.  Some drivers don`t understand why need keep your car clean. Washing the car regularly will protect car`s paint and reduce the likelihood of rust. Using a good spray can protect chassis’s bare metal in the winter.

  • Clean Under the Hood

Many drivers like to keep car’s exterior clean, but not under the hood. Maintaining cleanliness under the hood will prevent sludge and debris. This rule is longing the life of your engine.

  • Don`t Hold the Gear Shifter

Don’t rest your hand on the gear shifter on manual transmission, because this act wear to the transmission’s components.

  • Use correct Parts and Fluids

Correct using Parts and Fluids for your modelcan longing the life of your car and its units.  Give the preference to parts with name-brand and original-equipment-equivalent.

  • Change the Engine Oil in time

Changing engine oil and transmission oil in time, driver keeps car`s unit in good condition for a long time. 

  • You should let your car warm up

Wait the temperature gauge reads “normal” temperature, before moving, it is longing engine life.  

  1. Don`t slam the Brakes

Often heavy foot on the brake pedal does abnormal wear to pads and rotors, resulting in more-frequent brake pad replacements.

  1. Don`t Run on Empty Tank

When car`s engine running on the empty tank, debris and dirt move that has settled from the bottom of your tank through your fuel system to the engine.

Do these recommendations if You’re Longing the Life of Your Car

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