Can I buy a car with Bitcoin, the secret of the Bitcoin Future and the truth about Bitcoin’s fate

Sell a Car for cryptocurrency: risks and advantages

buy a car with Bitcoin
How to buy a car with bitcoin

The answer to this question will make you understand how much the car seller trusts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Because if the seller is not sure that tomorrow this currency will cost this money, then the sale of goods is difficult. Selling a car for cryptocurrency is a deal at your own risk. If you act as a car buyer and at the same time pay with Bitcoins, you will want to buy a car at a time when Bitcoin will cost maximum money. It turns out such a dilemma between the buyer and seller.

What is the future of cryptocurrency and What will happen to Bitcoin

Can Bitcoin’s Future Be Predicted? There were many predictions about whether Bitcoin would grow or not, all these predictors were ruined, their predictions did not come true, it was easy to predict when Bitcoin was growing up, one could assume that it would always be. But as soon as it began to fall sharply, it was already possible to predict the future of cryptocurrencies and their fall could not be done by anyone.

Bitcoin Car

You will now be able to predict for yourself the future of Bitcoin based on the facts that will allow you to decide for yourself the fate of your investments in the exchange. It is up to you to decide what the exchange is and how to predict whether a cryptocurrency investment will be profitable.

Nobody on the Internet will tell the truth about the game on the stock market, because it is not beneficial to them.

The entire Internet is full of advertising information that does not reveal the essence of cryptocurrency trading itself. People are simply misinformed for the sake of money, they do not think about the fate of investors, they are only concerned about their own enrichment. I do not pursue such goals, by this I will reveal the whole truth, which, if you are bidding on the stock exchange, may disappoint you.

Smart people know the future I have collected their opinion on this matter in my memory and I want to present to you in this article the whole truth about the future of cryptocurrencies.

Who manages Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Future

Everyone knows that Bitcoin is based on the Blockchain system – it allows it to be independent from intermediaries, all transactions and transfers will be made without the participation of banks and other structures without delays and payment of fees to intermediaries. Blockchain also allows it to be done safely. This makes Bitcoin a good means of payment. And it can only be managed by the one who calculates bitcoin and the one who receives it.

But, Bitcoin is still not popular as a means of payment, that is, it does not perform the function for which it was created.

How will this affect Bitcoin’s future?

Let’s predict the future of Bitcoin. A lot of time has passed since the creation of Bitcoin to the present day. A convenient system of calculations by Bitcoin was invented so far. Bitcoin’s rate is volatile (Constantly changing). – What is this about? Yes, all these factors play against the growth of Bitcoin.

Why will the price of Bitcoin fallen down?

Let us ask ourselves the question, what is the value of Bitcoin then? As a means of payment, it does not fulfill its function As an investment, it has no constant growth, all of which is scared by its sharp volatility. Money can be as easy to lose as it is to earn. He is not interested in this as an investment.

And it is valuable because it allows you to eliminate intermediaries between settlements and makes the transaction Bitcoin safe. Let’s think if Bitcoin did not realize itself as a means of payment, then does it make sense to have such dignity as security and the absence of intermediaries? So Bitcoin does not represent any value and in the future its price will constantly fall, until it invents a convenient system for calculating Bitcoin.

But will it be invented at all and will it make sense for Bitcoin security itself if Bitcoin depends on a settlement system that may be unsafe in itself?  – We do not know this, and as long as time goes by and the system of calculations are not able to come up with the price of Bitcoin will fall. Time is playing against Bitcoin. Where is Bitcoin used? – It does not interest anyone, however, everyone believes that it is something useful… And today it is nothing more than a myth…

There are, of course, some isolated cases where for Bitcoin who is buying something. But we do not know who is doing this and what this calculation looks like. It may be that this is done by relatives who trust each other. Or again it is done for Bitcoin advertising. It turns out that Bitcoin can only be traded on the cryptocurrency exchange.

The cryptocurrency exchange system is very convenient on the stock exchange and it is very easy to pay with bitcoin. But as you understand, transferring your Bitcoins to the exchange, security and all the benefits of blockchain cease to make sense, they are replaced by the security of the exchange itself, which is not guaranteed, except the exchange itself.

It turns out that Bitcoin’s payment system exists only on cryptocurrency exchanges. So Bitcoin itself was created for trading on exchanges. That’s the whole point of Bitcoin’s existence today.

And what is a cryptocurrency exchange and what is its meaning? The cryptocurrency exchange is nothing but a casino, people play with each other for money, enjoy it, believe in steady profits, and the exchange removes interest from people for every transaction. It is impossible to call it work or earnings, however, there is a rumor that someone is steadily earning on the stock market.  – This is not true, you can certainly win on the stock exchange, but it is done with varying success, but the commission for the transaction will always be withdrawn. (And there are commissions for entering and withdrawing from the exchange)

This process does not bring practical value to people. But the stock market is really getting rich, there are thousands of trades happening on the stock exchange and the abundant flow of money is constantly pouring into the pocket of the stock exchange.

What conclusion?

If you love risky operations, you are a gambler, then you can get involved in this game, which could exist without the participation of the Blockchain system and without the participation of Bitcoins.

What is the point of Bitcoin?  

– No, Bitcoin is used as a lure in various adventures, as an innovation in which they did not have time to understand and properly apply. All that remains is to sympathize with those people who are investing in Bitcoin as a promising long-term investment. And now make your own conclusion, will Bitcoin grow in the future? What is the future of cryptocurrency?

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