Car Air Conditioner Refill DIY

A car air conditioner is a unit that creates and maintains the selected climate inside the car. For maintaining the normal operation of the car air conditioner, you need to refuel the car air conditioner from time to time, clean the air conditioning mechanism, and carry out maintenance of the air conditioner, which will prevent its fault in the future.

Air conditioner maintenance costs some money, but there is a chance to save money if you do it yourself with your own hands.

The working scheme of the car air conditioner

Car Air Conditioner Construction

Air conditioner consists of three main parts: compressor, condenser and evaporator.

How does the air conditioning procedure

Freon is circulating in a closed loop and passes through all three parts. The air conditioner compressor provides compression the gas and raises its temperature. The heated refrigerant under pressure enters the condenser, then it cools and turns into liquid.

After this, the freon enters the circuit with high pressure and goes to the expansion valve, where it is sprayed and enters the evaporator. During the evaporation of the refrigerant in the evaporator, the cooling process are doing. As a result, heat energy creates of the air mass and it becomes cold. Closing the circuit, freon again goes to the compressor (like cold gas) on the low pressure side, and here the procedure occurs again.

Air conditioner refueling equipment

Air conditioner refueling equipment

A special set of tools is used to check the pressure in the air conditioning system, as well as for its subsequent refueling. It includes:

  • metrological station or test connector;
  • hoses;
  • adapters;
  • cranes;
  • freon cylinder.

Scheme – How an air conditioner works

Stages of self-refueling of a car air conditioner

Refueling a car air conditioner DIY

Regardless of the car model and the appearance of the units, the general instructions for refueling a car air conditioner will be the same.

So, to pour freon into the car’s air conditioning system, do the following:

Remove any dirt from the protective cap and the low pressure line, then open it.

We put on the hose from the previously assembled equipment onto the filling connection.

The instructions for refueling car air conditioners provide for starting the engine and maintaining 1500 rpm. They need to be kept in order for the compressor to pump freon through the highways. Therefore, at this stage, either help is needed, or you can put something under the gas pedal.

We turn on the recirculation of air throughout the cabin to the maximum.

Then open the tap of the low pressure line by turning the refrigerant bottle upside down, and slowly open the valve. The air conditioner starts to charge (with the engine running).

Refueling the car air conditioner is accompanied by constant monitoring of the pressure gauge readings.

To understand whether the system is filling up correctly, you can look through the window of the filter-drier – if there are no bubbles and a clear liquid is visible, then you are doing everything right.

As soon as cool air flows into the passenger compartment (about 5-8 C °), and the hose near the low pressure connection is cold as ice, the procedure for refueling the air conditioner of the car can be completed.

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    My brother manages a truck fleet company, and I recently heard one of his employees say something about one of their trucks experiencing problems with its air conditioner. It caught my attention when you explained to us how car air conditioners involve using freon when it enters the circuit and gets processed in the compressor like cold gas. I hope my brother gets in touch with AC services soon for his truck fleet since it will certainly be difficult to drive in this hot weather.

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