How to clean a car interior DIY

Every day a lot of dust and grit get thing in the saloon from your shoes. Car carpet especially wear from this. Regular cleaning of the interior can help keep the interior details in good condition. There are some main points to clean and check:

It would seem that dust and dirt can be removed at any time, but if you do not do it regularly, we will see wear and tear of the carpet in the cabin, discoloration and cutting through the fabric in the end.

Cleaning of saloon

You can use dustpan and stiff brush for clean carpet. Also you need a vacuum cleaner that do your cleaning more light. Remember to clean under the seats so slide the front seats to do this procedure. So you need to clean carpeting on door trims and a rear parcel shelf.

Using a rubber mat over the carpet under the driver’s heels you safes ves a carpet.

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