Thresholds that protect your trousers from dirty when you are landing in the car or the “clean trousers”

Сlean trousers

“Do you often get dirty your trousers?”

«You have a dirty trousers again. How much is possible»? – ask wife. Do you know that expression?

protect your trousers from dirty when you are landing in the car

Probably, you already faced with such unpleasant situation when trousers soiled about car body thresholds. There is blame of car body thresholds or rather their wrong design. And to make sure that didn’t happen again read this article to the end.

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This situation happens in winter especially when there is a lot of dirty and snow outside. Of course, you can try to be careful by the sit down and get up from the car, but it does not always help. Experienced drivers use an interesting thing, which allows you to forget about dirty trousers even when it’s dirty outside.

Сlean trousers

Why do drivers and passengers get dirty when they get into the car? 

Theoretically, it is immediately clear that the higher the departure thresholds of the car, the easier it is to touch him. The situation may be worse, if it is a crossover or SUV.

Theirs trousers stay always clean

If your wife gets to dirty about the car rapids, then the husband will have to listen about many good words about his car.

Some manufacturers have long taken care about this. There are special plates and thresholds in the sale with the designation “Clean trousers”.

Thresholds “Clean trousers” made with a smaller reach, which can significantly reduce the likelihood of getting dirty. Thresholds are made of plastic, which protects metal parts from exposure to dirt and various reagents.

In order not to get dirty on the inside of the threshold, use special pads that do not allow dirt to accumulate in the place where the feet usually get dirty. And your trousers will always be clean.

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