Sleeping in Car: Best way to sleep

Sleeping in the Car is a process, that experience of many drivers, when they want to relax during a long trip. Of course, each driver need to react on bad feeling. A little stop to sleep should be follow. Such break time do your health more strong and help you to alert by the steering. If you spend a long time on the road, the good sleep can help you renew strength. Apart from the excellent relax when you receive during the sleep, you improves your mental condition.

Sleeping in Car

Last year, I traveled  by car a lot of time, and learned how to face and deal with various problem on the road, and as a result, have become more experience and self-confident by driving. By the way, I had to choose more comfortable place to relax and of course often had to spend the night in a car. From my own experience, I realized the best way to adapt to spending the night in a car in order to restore physical strength as quickly as possible and continue to move on the road. Now I can confidently answer the questions: Where is more convenient to sleep in a car? What are the most comfortable car seats? and so on.

Best way to sleep

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What to take on a car journey?

When you go on a journey with a wide circle of friend, it is better to find a hotel or put up a tent. But, if the car is not packed with people or cargo, there is a chance to sleep, and even with comfort!

It will be better if you prepare everything you need in advance.  You will need a sleeping bag or a bed with small travel pillow.

It can be cold in the car at night, so it will be great to have a thermos with warm tea on hand and an interesting book to pass the time. Check that you have a flashlight – it will come handy in the night when you will want go to the toilet.

Adjust the seats

The most comfortable seats locate in the back seat of the car. But, there are also protruding seat belts in some cars. Try to hide them so that they do not crush you in the back. It is necessary to free up space as much as possible and make a semblance of a kind of a “nest”.

Close the car` doors

Close the doors. It is very important moment, which influences on your safety. Thus, you protect yourself from various troubles during sleep on the road.

Turn off the car` battery.

Of course, if it’s cold, you want to leave the cookie and, accordingly, the battery on. Turn off the battery – it is good advice to avoid spend battery` charge idling.

There are many SUVs with most comfortable seats for sleeping. Good night)

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