TOP 5 common mistakes drivers in winter

Winter time of operation of the car is quite insidious. Therefore, experts advise some drivers to refrain from driving to work in his car. In this article we will look at what common mistakes inexperienced drivers make in the winter season.

TOP 5 common mistakes drivers in winter
TOP 5 common mistakes drivers in winter

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1. Sharp start

The habit of abruptly start one of the most beloved for drivers who love dynamic driving. A sharp start of the car leads to a slip and increased fuel consumption. In addition, such “starts” can lead to a car drift.

2. Inattention to pedestrians

There are situations where pedestrians do not have the opportunity to move on the pavement due to heavy snowfall. Therefore, pedestrians begin to move along the road lane. Be attentive to pedestrians and, if necessary, slow down to a full stop. This will help avoid unpleasant consequences on the road.

3. Daytime front lights not included

Such an error can lead to reduced visibility on the road, which is fraught with negative consequences. Even the rules of traffic regulations require the inclusion of front lighting during the movement of the car during the day.

4. Improper preparation for the trip

In winter, each driver, before driving a car, should think about driving safety, the technical condition of the vehicle, as well as the presence in the trunk of the necessary minimum of tools. So in the winter, a shovel, warm clothing, and wires for “lighting up” can be useful. Especially if you get stuck in a snowdrift.

5. Wrong car parking

When you park the car, do not forget to think about other road users. Check whether the cars can drive on the roadway, if your car does not interfere with the passage. Often, drivers leave their cars near garbage cans than block the “garbage truck”. For this you can and from the neighbors “get.” It is not necessary to park the car at the bottom of a steep descent, in order to avoid damage to your car, by cars that go down (after all, on the ice, the brakes do not always work perfectly).

Another mistake for inexperienced drivers is to park the car on a public roadway. When the drivers return, they may find that the tractor has covered the car with snow, clearing the road.

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