What speed will the minimum fuel consumption?

Fuel is constantly becoming more expensive and price tags at gas stations scare our drivers more and more. Everyone is trying to save. Today we will talk about the speed with which it is necessary to drive, so that the fuel consumption is minimal. There is a popular joke among motorists, which reads about this:

“The fuel consumption is least when the car is in the garage.” This, of course, is a joke. The issue of fuel economy is quite relevant, so let’s look at it in more detail.

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Minimum fuel consumption when driving on the highway To reduce fuel consumption is possible, adhering to optimal movement without unnecessary acceleration and braking. The largest amount of fuel is spent during overtaking, when you press the gas pedal to the floor to increase engine speed. Therefore, if you choose a comfortable, optimal speed, which you will stick to throughout the trip, it will significantly reduce consumption. As a rule, the optimum speed ranges from 90 to 100 km / h.

For minimum fuel consumption on the highway usually include the highest gear and keep the engine running with the number of revolutions in the range of 2.5-3 thousand rpm.

If you are driving for long distances, it is best to settle down in front of a car that is moving at the speed you need. Firstly, it will create an air shield for your car, which will reduce air resistance, and secondly, it will be so much more convenient. Main keep your distance.

Minimum consumption in the city

In the city to adhere to a constant speed range in the range from 90 to 100 km / hour you will fail. Therefore, to reduce consumption in the city, we try to make less sharp starts and braking. The smoother the movement of the car, the less fuel will be consumed.

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