Why is my car engine overheating

Overheating of the car engine is a very common problem, especially in the warm season, and systematic and consistent actions that will help find the causes of the engine overheating will help to cope with it.

Why did the engine start to overheat?

The reasons for the engine overheating can be its malfunctions, malfunctions of the engine cooling system or fan. Engine overheating can occur due to traffic jams. Overheating of the engine leads to a change in the properties of engine oil, lubrication of parts is not so effective, therefore, the latter wear out very much. In order to understand the nuances, study the device of the engine cooling system.

So, we will make a list of the causes of engine overheating, and then consider methods to eliminate the causes of engine overheating.

Lack of coolant

Each vehicle has a coolant reservoir, which indicates the maximum and minimum level of coolant. If the coolant level in the tank is below the minimum, it is imperative to add coolant. Observe the terms for replacing antifreeze and fill with high-quality coolant.

Failure thermostat

The thermostat is used to transfer coolant from a small circle to a large circle, for cooling (the thermostat valve opens when the coolant is heated to a certain temperature). In this case, the liquid enters the radiator, which, in turn, is blown by the oncoming air flow and the fan. After the liquid cools, it again falls into a small circle to cool engine parts. If the thermostat sticks in the closed position, the coolant will move in a small circle, which will lead to overheating of the engine. In this case, stop immediately and allow the engine to cool.

In this case, replace the thermostat. If you are on the go and you have nowhere to buy a thermostat, then simply remove the thermostat and the coolant will circulate in a large circle.

How to determine if the thermostat is out of order?

In order to verify that the thermostat is malfunctioning, it is enough to check the bottom of the car radiator by touch, if it is cold, the thermostat does not open. We buy a new thermostat and change it.

Air cap in the cooling system

Steam air lock may occur in the hoses of the engine cooling system. To eliminate the air plug, you should carefully probe the hoses with your hands, if there is no plug, we are looking for another reason.

Dirty radiator

The cause of engine overheating may be a dirty, clogged radiator. To eliminate it, rinse and clean the radiator, or replace it.

Fan malfunction

The cause of the engine overheating may be hiding in the failure of the electric fan control system. The fan control system consists of a relay, a sensor and a fuse. First you need to check the fuse, and then take on the rest. The next step is to check the temperature sensor. If the fan relay fails, then it is usually changed to a new one, well, if the problem is not commonplace (strip the contacts).

Remember, you should not joke with engine overheating. If you did not find the cause of the malfunction of the engine cooling system, the only option for you will be either riding with stops to cool the engine. Or move in tow.

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