Are manual gearboxes on the way out?

We made analysis what the cars sold in the US, and we can see that car buyers give preference to automatic transmission. So, it is really right moment to think about manual gearboxes future.

The manual transmission is more reliable and easy by construction. Some times ago seven out of ten buyers choose manual gearboxes, but now the situation is different. The US car market reached a significant success in the first half of this year: it was the firstly that we had bought more cars with automatic gearboxes than manual gearboxes.

Market statistics shows the slow demission of manuals from the leaders of selling. And it is a fact that such trend will have spiked markedly. Stopping producing manual gearboxes by European car makers is the confirmation if this.

One of the reason of transition from mechanical to automatic transmissions is cost-cutting processes. It can reach by reducing assortment of combustion engines. Manual gearboxes will be way out between now and 2030, according to a prediction of car experts.

Why there are still fans of manuals?

Manuals have been providing an important physical connection between driver and car. The second main advantage is a better fuel economy, but it is a past.

“An automatic transmission is becoming standard option that’s taken for granted in a car”.

  Automatics transmission is a standard option of a car. Manuals are dinosaurs.

The big reason for manual gearboxes on the way out

It`s easy to understand that we go to electrified drivetrains, so manual transmissions will still in the past at soon. Enough you look at the modern automatic cars sold this year: BMW 3 Series, electric Tesla Model 3, hybrid-only Toyotas, the Corolla and C-HR and Mercedes-Benz A-Class.

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