Basic requirements for Vehicle Construction

Before you start designing a car, you should decide what goals and tasks it will solve. This step can be either the simplest or the most difficult. All you need is to understand the car idea clearly. Only then can you proceed to the next step – set a goal correctly and define the basic requirements for your vehicle.   

The design of each vehicle must have certain requirements:

  • It should be taken into account in what conditions the car will be used;
  • The design of the vehicle should be easy to upgrading;
  • The high-tech design of the car will reduce labor costs and save on materials;          
  • Low cost of car operation;
  • Interchangeability of individual parts of cars of different brands;
    Small vehicle dimensions and vehicle weight;
    Simplicity of design and good maintainability;
  • High reliability;
  • Good stability and maneuverability;
  • Comfort for driver and passengers;
  • Easy to operate and maintain the vehicle;
  • Good visibility from the driver’s seat;
  • Control automation to make the driver’s job easier;
  • Silent operation.

You can add your own requirements to the car that you think are important.

Let’s try to make a list of requirements for SUV

Requirements for SUV

Good cross-country ability is one of the most important requirements for an SUV, as it is designed for driving on bad roads and uneven terrain.

The ability to drive significant climbs comes in handy in mountainous terrain.

The SUV must have high dynamic qualities.

The ability to use an SUV as a tractive car would be a useful feature.

Maximum and minimum speed of SUV.

Ability to move in various climatic conditions.

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