Car Construction for Kids

Car construction for Kids

This site offers science, technology, engineering and automobile construction for your kids.

Car construction for Kids

  • build problem solving skills.
  • discover how things work
  • exploring car construction and engineering as a career option
  • learn vehicle construction while having fun
  • engege in real world automobile engineering problems

“The Vehicle construction for Kids”, we bring the fun Vehicle construction study to kids, ages 6 to 18, through exciting articles, interesting pictures, schemes, and more.

Kids have the opportunity to receive new knowledge about automobile, new technology of car industry and types of cars: electric cars, SUV/Jeep, heavy truck and other.

Lesson 1. History of Automobile

Lesson 2. Types of Automobile

Lesson 3. Vehicle construction

3.1 Truck construction

3.2 Passenger car

Lesson 4. Electric vehicle car

Lesson 5. Engine construction

Lesson 6. Chassis construction

Lesson 7. Transmission construction

Lesson 8. Car electrical system

Lesson 9. Vehicle steering system

Lesson 10. Car brake system

Lesson 11. Car repair

Lesson 12. Vehicle breakdown

Lesson 13. Schemes

Lesson 14. Car paint technology

Interesting presentation of educational material help young people better understand specific technical information and increase their interest and knowledge, deepening their understanding of car construction, car body construction, engine construction, transmission, car chassis, car electrical system and other.

As a nation with a globally competitive economy, the need for workers that are skilled in automobile engineering and manufacturing is increasing every year.  Maybe, this desire will take your child a way to the serious profession of auto industry.

By giving young minds the opportunity to develop skills operating their motor vehicle that will follow them through adulthood, we hope to take part in the success building of the new generation.

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