Car poems

What is it car - poem
Car poem, car construction

Please Look here, It`s a car

Do you know? What is it car?

Car is transport, it`s machine

Let`s go study we begin.

Car poems for Kids

Everyone knows, its tank for petrol.

This is place for engine car

This is place for driver seating.

Do you know, what moves this car?

Car Construction for Kids

Wipers washes glass of car

So the dirty flows to down

Car has four wheels on the chassis

Wheels used any different classes 

It`s for winter it`s for summer

We will riding to desire

Car has trunk and hood away

where an engine lives by say?

Headlights light the our way

We can see, what`s round away.

Our car is very beauty,

very quickly,  and then say

Car is don`t exchange,

if quickly you will ride to long away

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