Emergency vehicles construction: police car construction

Police car construction

Police cars are mainly passenger cars, converted to the requirements of law. Law enforcement units can modify them to fit their needs by adding the necessary equipment. Police cars have got reinforce the suspension, brakes, engine. There are various adjustments to the controls on police car. Police vehicle construction possesses more modern equipments.

Police car construction

Interesting story about police car for small Kids

Oh, there are lot of vehicles on this road.

Yes, they respect pulling road traffic rules. This is traffic light –the main car dealer.  The cars have to go on a green light. When light a red colour of traffic light they should stopped.

Oh, oh.  Where are you? Please see, the Jeep is running a red light. This is not the way to do it. Here`s the police. They`ll catch him and he`ll be punished.   

It is the fierce manhunt and this will ensure the noose for him. It`s police post. It situated just outside of city. Policemen always follows for traffic violation here.

They caught him. Stop, stop, stop. It escaped again.

I wonder if they’ll be able to сaught Jeep by forest road.

I don`t know. Let`s see.

It`s dead end.    What? It escaped again. He can to go through the non-deep river.

It`s police truck (off-the-road is no obstacle).

The perp already in custody.

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