Stamped Steel Wheels – Call from the Past

Many modern drivers actively oppose stamped wheels, explaining that they are a relic of the past. Some drivers think that stamped discs only spoil the appearance of the car, so they use hubcaps as a way out. Others use other interesting and reliable solution – painting the stamped wheels.

Car stamped disks

Safety or beauty

Stamped discs have a high rating in terms of demand despite all the beauty and versatility of cast wheels. The reason of this fact is lot of advantages of stamped discs. All of us know that safety driving and practicality are more important factors then car appearance so the using of stamped discs is more than justified in the following situations:

  • when operating in off-road conditions;
  • for freight and passenger vehicles that carry large loads;
  • for budget cars in order to reduce their cost and practicality of operation.

«Even the most modern cars sometimes drive by stamped steel wheels».

And the owners of these cars have their own undeniable reasons.

These products do not shine with uniqueness and design solutions, but they are not chosen for these parameters.

Fans of stamped wheels appreciate in them:

  • reliability and durability;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • high carrying capacity;
  • excellent maintainability.
Stamped wheels

Even if you bent the stamped rim on the road, you can restore it at the place of breakdown and could to drive the car to the nearest service. Stamped discs do not lose own their performance properties even after receiving several serious dents.
All of these achieved through effective absorption of vibration and impact energy, which makes them ideal for driving in difficult road conditions.

Well, you can change the view of stamped wheel with the help of special caps for wheels, which have an affordable cost and a different pattern.

Please, study its origin of a product for understanding its advantages. Stamped discs are producing from special sheet steel, which has sufficient strength and elasticity properties.

Firstly, separate parts of the future stamped wheel are made: a plate and a rim. These parts are connected by welding, the mounting holes are cut out in them, polished and sent for painting. The whole production process is automated, so the price of steel products is quite low.

We have tried to explain to you all the advantages of stamped discs, so that each of you can buy new “slippers” for your car.

What wheels to buy is up only to you.

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