What is a car?

self-propelled machine
self-propelled machine

Car is self-propelled machine (from word “self-propel”). A modern motor car consists of several thousand various units, details and parts.

Dear friends, can you imagine an ordinary supermarket trolley?  Is it real, that it`s moving itself? Of course, it is not true. Because the man pushes a supermarket trolley with help special handle. A self-propelled car is such machine that engine moves.

selg-propelled machine

Car consists of different parts, components, mechanisms and systems. Articles will have some technical terms, which you should know. It opens door you technical language.

Detail – this is a small separate part of several thousand other car details. It consists of a single piece of material. Your toy is consist of different details. too.

Component combines some details. Bolts are using to connect details.

Mechanism is a device that can transmit motion, transform energy, or change speed (for example transmission).

Car like Kids car

There are inertial cars, it move inertial mechanism, like your toys.

Unit – it is connection set of several devices for performance one task.

Engine system   – there are some of parts, which are united with one general function. For example:
engine cooling system, engine oil system, engine fuel system,
engine ignition system, engine starting system.

Car body construction

The car body – is the main and most expensive part of a car. It can be carrying structure or some of it structural element.

Engine construction

The engine – is the heart of a car. It`s energy source without it car moving can`t be real.

Suspension construction

The chassis combines transmission, running gear, vehicle steering mechanisms.

transmission construction

Transmission transmits moment of torsion from crankshaft to drive wheels change the size and direction of it.

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