Vehicle Design Calculations

There are many useful lessons about calculating and designing a car from the beginning in these paragraphs. This course is suitable for both beginners and experienced constructors and automotive students. It doesn’t matter if you have experience in designing a car, these lessons about designing and calculating a car will help you learn the basics of building a car, designing and calculating vehicle.

Lots of study materials, diagrams and other teaching aids will help you to understand how a car works. All information about cars is explained from scratch to the very details and it’s all absolutely free! It also covers the step-by-step creation of a car, its calculation and design.

Last decades the cars received the big up in functions, different additions that do the car driving more technological and safety. 

Car designing

Calculations of cars today are carried out on special programs that greatly facilitate the work of automotive engineers. But I am sure that without knowledge of the basics and concepts of calculating a car and its units, it will be very difficult for a real designers to achieve success in his business. The first we are going to study vehicle construction and then we will learn car design and calculation.


      1 Introduction

  1. Basic requirements for vehicle construction;
  2. Vehicle’s cross-country ability
  3. Car parameters
    1. Car sizes;
    2. Car gravity;
    3. Traction of the car;
    4. Vehicle reliability
    5. Anthropometry;
    6. Vehicle layout;
    7. Materials of car parts.
  4. Types of vehicle loads
  5. Clutch
  6. Gearboxes
  7. Cardan shaft
  8. Main gear
  9. Differential
  10. Drive to drive wheels
  11.  Bridge beam
  12.  Suspension
  13.  Wheels and tyres
  14.  Braking systems
  15.  Steering mechanism
  16.  Frame and body
  17.  Addition equipment
  18. Designing and Calculation of modern electric car