Study Automotive Engineering

Automotive engineering is a particular branch of vehicle engineering, which includes elements of mechanical and electrical science, materials science, electronic, software and vehicle safety engineering. These elements use to the new car design, manufacture and operation of vehicles like usual automobiles and trucks.

Study Automotive Engineering

Study of car automotive engineering

The study of automotive engineering consists of next stages: car design, devise, producing, and test vehicles from begin to the end stage production.

The major functions of engineering automotive:

  • Production;
  • Development;
  • Manufacturing.

These attributes and parameter are need to the automotive engineer by the car design. So let`s consider them:

  1. Safety engineering – is the general and particular assessment of different vehicle crash scenarios and their impact on the vehicle occupants. These tests do by the established governmental regulations.
safety engineering

Some of government requirements by safety tests of a vehicle:

  • Seat belt functionality and safety restraint systems testing;
  • functionality testing of air bags working;
  • Front impact testing procedure;
  • Side impact testing procedure;
  • Rollover resistance test procedure.

Assessments do with modern methods of crash simulation on the computer.

Fuel economy of a car – is the parameter characterizes fuel efficiency of the vehicle in miles per liter. It should be note that fuel economy cars sold well than others.

Emissions  of a car – is the parameter that includes the requirement measurement of vehicle emissions like as hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), and evaporative emissions. The reducing the emissions produced by motor vehicles, especially internal combustion engines is one of the most problem today.

Vehicle electronics – is very important aspect of automotive engineering that provide not only comfort and convenience systems such as the HVAC, infotainment, and lighting systems but provide modern car safety and fuel economy. Modern cars include some dozen of electronic systems today.

Car performance – is a measurable value of a car’s ability to perform in various conditions like as:

how quickly a car can accelerate;

its top speed;

How short and quickly a car can come to a complete stop from a set speed.

Durability engineering – includes the evaluation testing of a vehicle for its useful life. Different driving condition is affecting the car durability.

Car Drivability – is the car’s response to general driving conditions.

Car Cost consists of variable cost of the vehicle, and the up-front tooling and fixed costs associated with developing the vehicle.

Car Quality management – is an important factor within the production process, as high quality is needed to meet customer requirements.

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