Car Anatomy or How a Car Works

Learn all about car anatomy, engine construction, transmission, steering, and car body. There are answers to the questions: How a car works? How do engines work? What is the transmission? How do the steering and braking systems work?

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Car Parts

Vehicle consists of several main parts: the engine, the chassis , the car body, transmission and electrics.

Let`s study the main units and components of car:

Car body

Car body construction

The car bodyis the main and most expensive part of a car. It can be carrying structure or some of it structural element.

Car Engine

Engine construction

The engine – is the heart of a car. It`s energy source without car moving can`t be real. Engine consist of two mechanisms and five systems:

Mechanisms of engine:

1) Crank mechanism construction
2) Valve mechanism construction

Engine systems:

1) Engine Cooling system;

2) Engine Oil system;

3) Engine Fuel system;

4) Engine Ignition system;

5) Engine Starting system.

The chassis combines transmission, running gear, vehicle steering mechanisms.

Car Transmission

transmission construction

Transmission transmits moment of torsion from crankshaft to drive wheels change the size and direction of it.

Car Suspension

Suspension construction

Running gear consist of the frame contains car body and all car mechanisms, the suspension (spring and shock absorber),   rear and front axle and wheels.

Car Steering

Vehicle steering mechanisms contains steering system, that change the direction of a moving vehicle, and brake system provides slow down and stop full of vehicle.

«A Vehicle is a machine that transports people or cargo».

Vehicle anatomy is as interesting as human anatomy. Engine is a heart of car. Chassis are legs. Transmission – is osteo-muscular system. Car body like human body.  As a man need organs as car need units, mechanisms, systems and parts.

Car Repair School

In order to explore how trucks and cars work you must consistently study materials of Vehicle Construction Book. Schema materials of website “Vehicle Anatomy” helps you to study it. So it would be nice if you study schematically material in the following sequence:

1) Purpose of Vehicle (before exploring the construction and vehicle performance is necessary to know its purpose);

2) Vehicle construction (the first step to examine the overall structure of the Vehicle, then you can begin to learn the device assemblies and other systems of the car);

3) Operating of the vehicle (if you know the Vehicle anatomy you will be easier to understand how a vehicle works.

It is almost impossible to imagine modern life any more without car. Automobiles have improved modern life through providing more convenience to people and increasing efficiency. If you want to be car driver, you should know car anatomy.

Let us also consider Truck Anatomy. The trucks have to meet European establishment of demands so construcion of it is more difficult. If you have to know fully vehicle construction and it is nessesary to learn Truck Anatomy too. If you know how to drive a Truck, so you can drive a car too.

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