Fuel tank Repair DIY

Fuel tank Repair DIY

Fuel tank consists of two parts, obtained by exhaust and welded. Metal for fuel tanks is a soft steel sheet coated with lead (or tinned). There are tendencies to use composite materials for the manufacture of fuel tanks in the new cars. This method provides to reduce the mass of cars, and so reduce the cost of fuel tanks. Let`s go to see some reasons for damage to the fuel tanks.

The main damage reasons of the fuel tanks

If the tank is installed under the car, so its upper part is at the level of the floor. Also, the fuel tank is installing vertically in the luggage compartment on the side of the car. Tanks under the car may be damaged by the impact of stones and Tanks in the boot may be damaged by corrosion caused by condensation.

This article was create for usually drivers who want to rescue a fuel tank of the own car, avoid lethal welding or the cost of a new tank, so try to repair your fuel tank at home!

Repair fuel tank at home

Particularly the internal fuel tank corrosion affects cars isn`t used for long periods of time. If you see a never-drying patch of weeping fuel on the outside of the tank, perhaps from a seam or simply on a sidewall, it can be very serious problem for you. The leaking fuel is a deadly dangerous big deal. There are specialists who can do fuel tank welding, but it`s not a DIY repair in this case. A new tank is perfect – if you have it. It will be good as it has an internal protective coating. Ask about it.

Fuel tank restoration DIY

At first you should drain the fuel of the tank. (You can use a tube to drain fuel). If it is not convenient to drain the fuel, tilt the car with a jack. Then remove a fuel gauge sender unit. If the repair of fuel tank is reduced to the alignment of the dent and no fuel leaks are observed, so the operation consists of next steps:

1) Plug one of the two holes in the tank;

2) Insert into the open hole of the tank a conical rubber tip drilled through to ensure the tightness of the tank connection to the compressed air pipeline;

3) Apply compressed air to the tank and restore its size and shape.

If you find damage of the tank, you cannot immediately weld it.

There are always fuel vapors inside the gas tank. The mixing fuel with air and form an explosive mixture. Flames can cause an explosion in the mixture in the tank, which, in turn, will lead to the rupture of the tank and injury to people in the vicinity. Soldering work carries after rinse the tank and fill it with water or inert gas. Fuel tank washing can be done with a solution of detergent in hot water.

There are some ways to repair fuel tank:

  1. tin solder fuel tank
  2. repair by liquid polyester resins
  3. Cold welding gas tank repair

Repair of the gas tank with a large hole:

– cover the edges of the hole with resin, then apply fiberglass on the hole and cover it with resin; – in the same order to impose another 2-3 layers of fiberglass, coating each layer with resin.

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