One of the reason the stiff Clutch pedal or Replacing clutch cable

The damaged cable of clutch is one of the reason difficult engage of gears, clutch pedal is very stiff, or clutch pedal can`t to come back to own position. The cause can be in cable fraying or different links to it problems. Sometimes we can decide the problem by the lubricating, but some cases need to cable replacing.

Cable clutch layout

Replacing clutch cables

To determine the damaged part of cable, you need examine the clutch cable looking for signs of frayed strands. So you can see the problem, when the clutch pedal flops uselessly to the floor. It can be sign the cable broken, therefore clutch  becoming increasingly very stiff to operate. Deciding of this malfunction is to replace a new cable.  It is not expensive detail, but the service can be cost some money. If you don`t want pay more, do the replacing clutch cables DIY.

Map to find the clutch problem

Firstly you need inspect the clutch cable. It will be better if you start the inspection from the connecting place  to the clutch pedal. Pay attention on the signs of the inner cable fraying like the fractured strands, broken cable`s areas or a possible kinks, even the smallest damage. The second step is looking the damages at the pedal end (place where the cable emerges from the engine). Cable has to be enough distance to the exhaust pipe, to avoid melted cable’s plastic covering. The last, check the part cable attaching to the clutch housing for availability fraying.

Before start the clutch cable replacing, check the pedal moves freely. You can give it a squirt of penetrating oil or try to clutch cable lubrication. If you are no see the improvement, you will have to remove and replacing the clutch cable.

Clutch cable lubrication DIY

Clutch cable lubrication DIY

Lubricating works can do while it is in the car, but if you want to do a quality job, please remove the clutch cable. You can do lubricating process more easy, using modeling clay. Make a funnel around the cable, like picture shown. 

Works for cable replacing

To remove a broken cable, the first you need remove it from the gearbox mounting bracket. To do this, untwist the nuts securing the cable in the bracket. The next step is to disconnect the cable from the clutch pedal. Then find the place where the cable fits to the top of the clutch pedal and pull the cable using pliers out of the slot. There is other arrangement, where a fork attached to the end of the cable. In this case you need push pin out with a screwdriver.

Types of design clutch pedal

Types of design clutch pedal

When you removed old cable, take the new cable and lubricate it.  Connect the new cable use all the guide brackets and clips to provide well away from the exhaust pipe. Connect the cable at the pedal and at clutch lever, after this install protective rubber grommet. 

Clutch cable adjustment

Clutch cable adjustment

After mounted, the clutch cable needs to adjust. This procedure consists in adjusting the pedal stroke, which should be 125–130 mm between the upper position and the floor of the car. You can also simply adjust the clutch pedal at the level of the other pedals. Cable Adjustment doing loose the cable nuts located on the gearbox bracket. The position of the tip of the new cable changes by adjusting nuts. At finish check the pedal stroke.

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