Types of Straightening

Car body straightening is distinguished by the way it is performed:

  • Manual straightening;
  • Mechanized straightening.

Manual straightening

Manual straightening is performed with straightening hammers and supports, which are selected depending on the profile of the restoration panel.

How to straightening the car body parts manual

Support 3 is placed under the stretched surface (Fig. B), which is pressed against the panel with one hand. On the front side of the surface to be repaired, frequent blows are made with a straightening hammer 4 so that they fall on the support. In this case, the blows are gradually transferred from one point to another, settling the tubercles and raising the concave sections. Straightening is continued until the palm of the hand ceases to feel roughness.

In process of working, it is necessary to strike with the entire plane of the hammer head. Impacts from the sharp edge of the head leave incisions (scars) that are difficult to remove.

How to straighten dents correctly:

 a – punch; b – straightening; 1 – stock; 2 – dent; 3 – support; 4 – jackhammer.

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