Car Wheel Anatomy

Wheels are an integral part of your car, because a car cannot driving without the wheels.  Also your ride’s look and performance dependent from them too. The wheels have a primitive circular form, but manufacturers have found a way to embellish them producing cool wheel disks. In car, wheels place vertically under a car body. Wheels using on the car do it possible to transport heavy loads without problems.

This article is about wheel construction, structure of wheel and so how a car wheel works. 

A new set of wheels and tires always enhances the look of a car.  You should to know, that wheels come in an uncountable array of sizes, unusual styles, and materials. Different types of wheels can be confusing you so you should know the difference between them. People often asking me next questions: What do these numbers mean on the wheel? What`s the difference between a wheel and rim?

Many unexperienced drivers are going to find Internet information at the time they shop for wheels. Many unexperienced drivers are going to find Internet information at the time they shop for wheels. But, it will be better, if your arm with information before you shop for wheels. This article with useful information about car wheels will help you study wheel anatomy, learn names of wheel parts, understand how wheels are made, what the wheel sizes are, how and why to measure wheel offset and so on.

Wheels Anatomy Contents

  1. Wheel Construction and Parts of Wheel
  2. How are Car Wheels made
  3. Wheel sizes explained
  4. Bolt Patterns
  5. Measure Wheel offset
  6. What do the numbers on car wheels mean
  7. Wheel check and DIY wheel repair

You can think that the wheel is a single part, but it consists of several others parts like rim, hub, spokes, disc and tire. Let’s get learned the basic wheel parts.

car wheel parts

Parts of wheels

How Wheels are Made

There are different types of wheels manufacturing methods. Manufacturing process of wheel determine by the wheel structure and material. You can see the most common methods list with using aluminum and alloy wheels producing.

  1. Casting
  2. Flow forming
  3. Forging
  4. Rotary forging.

Wheel sizes explained

How did you know the wheels come in a wide range of sizes. Car on the large wheels is fashion today, because the big wheels look more attractive. For some vehicles, this translates to more stability. But the largge wheels have own a little downsides like: big weigh so fuel mileage suffers and acceleration is degraded. You should know, every car engineered to the size wheels too.

It means that all systems of a car which include speedometer and odometer, traction control, torque and gearing settings were based on the distance that the stock wheel and tire assembly would cover in one revolution.

So the rule that you need follows every increased size of wheel diameter you must decrease a size of standing height. 

If you do foolow this rule the wheel and tire will cover the same amount of distance in one rotation and you can do your vehicle better with larger wheels.

A wheel size is explaines as follows:

Where D = wheel diameter and W = wheel width.
For example: the wheel with numbers 18x9 means that the diameter of the wheel is 18 inches and the width is 9 inches.