Vehicle body construction

Vehicle body construction

Vehicle body – is most expensive part of a car. Vehicle body could be the main supporting structure or its particular element. The Vehicle Body of modern car consist of: engine section, saloon, trunk.

Vehicle body is the main supporting structure of a vehicle, to which all other components are attached. Truck uses a separate frame as chassis.

Car body construction
  1. – front spar; 2 – front panel; 3 – screen pillar; 4 – roof panel; 5 – rear quarter panel; 6 – body quarter; 7 – panel trunk; 8 – centre pillar; 9 – sill; 10 – centre tunnel; 11 – base; 12 – scuttle.
Vehicle body construction for Kids

Vehicle body is designed for carry the goods (a truck) or for carriage of passengers (passenger car). There are some kinds of vehicle body which differ in: by purpose (trucks, passengers, cargo-passenger, special) and by construction (skeleton, half-skeleton, non-skeleton).

Truck body construction

You can read here about the types and classification of vehicles. If you noticed the corrosion processes on your car body, an auto body mechanic answers how to repair common problems with car body.