Auto body mechanics about Auto Body Repair Process

Repairing an Auto body requires using high technology and modern repair equipment, but the repair way of your car is critical in recreating. In this article, you will understand some ways you can use to repair your auto body accident. We’ll explore the vital moments, common problems with body repair, solutions to these issues, and more!

They say a car body is the most expensive part of a car so the repair will not a cheap. And there is no field where that is not more true than repair of autobody after the accident. It is not uncommon the cases of corrosion of body parts. The longer we operate the car, the more likely the rust and other small moments will eventually, starting with wheel arches rusting and ending with difficult control of the vehicle. The longer we operate the vehicle, the more likely the car body will eventually from wheel arches rusting, ending with the underside of the vehicle.

A car accident can be a reason for a car body deformation and caused leading to its difficult control.  

Assess damage

Assess damage of a car body

Before getting to car`s body repair process you need to carry out a visual inspection of your car and make a damage assessment. If you found any small dents or scratches on the paintwork, you don`t have to start repairing immediately. Light at first glance damages can have serious consequences, which can only be determined by measuring the parameters of the base points of the car`s body.

Types of Auto body damage

There are two main types of car`s body damage, which arise as a result of static and dynamic loads. If you want to avoid various damages and keep your car’s body in Pristine Condition – read the section on types of body damage. There are different situations with car body damage when you can`t understand what is the better Repair or Replace?

Geometry of Auto body and 5 Categories of Auto body damage

Types of Auto body damage

Every car has certain shape and size of its parts. All this proportions not only determine the design, location and fastening of the units, but also note the safety of the vehicle and its aerodynamic properties. The points on the car`s body, on which all these qualities of the car depend, are called basic points. There are also control points on the car body. For the properly car`s body repair, you should be aware of concepts such as body geometry and body damage categories, which will help you to exactly define the extent of damage to the vehicle.

Car Body distortions and ways to eliminate them

Car Body distortion

Car Body distortions – it’s an infraction of the geometric parameters beyond the allowable limits. Its elimination implies the restoration of the original Pristine Condition. When measuring these parameters, the types and methods of eliminating body skew are determined.

Equipment and tools for Car Body repair

A wide range of special equipment and tools are required, as well as diagnostic stands, welding machines, hydraulic jacks and measuring devices, to carry out high-quality body repairs. A special stand and equipment are uses for the restoration of the geometry of the body.

Frame Straightening work tools

Special tools are used for frame straightening work. Body repair masters have a whole set of various hammers, levers, anvils, etc.

Preparing the vehicle for Body repairs

In order to carry out bodywork repairs safely, the following steps must be taken to prepare the vehicle for bodywork repair.

Removing paintwork and cleaning the body from corrosion                                        

It is necessary to remove the paintwork, for high-quality repair of the car body, thoroughly clean the centers of corrosion, and then repair the damaged areas. The final stage will be painting the facade body. To facilitate the work, use the following basic methods for removing paintwork.

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3 thoughts on “Auto body mechanics about Auto Body Repair Process

  1. Mats Wolff says:

    I agree with you when you indicated that in order to properly repair the car body, the paintwork must be removed. The corrosion centers must then be carefully cleaned before the damaged regions can be repaired. I was in an accident last night, and I want my car fixed by this week. I would need to consult a professional to learn about the finest servicing for my car. The article is great.

  2. Amy Saunders says:

    Hey there! A bunch of small dents have been detected at the back side of my son’s car last weekend and he has no idea how that happened. Nevertheless, I think it would be better if he seeks professional assistance quickly to repair the issue. I was quite interested with your statement that diagnostic stands are some of the helpful tools used to fix any distortion within our vehicle.

  3. Generally speaking, if the car is on the “newer” side and you believe you may sell it down the road, having repairs performed will be a crucial step to take. Just bear in mind that the value of the car, due to the accident history, will drop a little bit. For smaller collisions leading to scrapes, dents, dings, and scratches, I recommend having an auto painting job.

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