What determines the cost of insurance

To date, the insurance campaign is not at all difficult to find. A huge range of insurance services. There is huge competition in the insurance market. The insurance campaign carries out a constant analysis of the insurance market and tries to give its client what he is looking for and something else.


This year, insurance campaigns noted several brands of cars that are the most beneficial for insurance, namely, Korean cars of the Kia and Hyundai brands. These cars have established themselves as reliable, maintainable, budget, and, therefore, they are stolen less. Another criteria for car insurance includes the frequency of a car in an accident. It would seem that the aforementioned car brands are selling very well, respectively, and they get into accidents more often, but these cars are not expensive to maintain and the percentage of accidents among sold cars is not significant in technical terms.

What determines the cost of insurance

This provides arguments for cheaper insurance services for these car brands. What can not be said about brands such as the BMW X6 and Mitsubishi Lancer. For these brands of cars, insurance services will cost several times more. Everything is connected with the fact that the BMW X6 is expensive to maintain, expensive in price, and it is often stolen, while Mitsubishi Lancer usually buys their heads and drives them around the city for the whole. This significantly increases insurance risks.

Insurance companies in USA get the most profit from car brands like BMW, Mercedes, Lexus and Audi.”

Insurers are sure to come up with how to raise prices for insurance services next year. The reasons for raising prices, insurance campaigns will push the dynamics of rising prices for spare parts, maintenance, exchange rates. One is glad that the prices for hull and motor third party liability insurance will increase by a maximum of 10% of the cost.

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