How much Tesla Autopilot cost?

We will say about different EV function, but the main theme of this article is «What the advantages Tesla Autopilot can be provide» and How does Tesla Autopilot work. 

What is Autopilot?

Maybe each of us think about it that Autopilot can change the driver at all, but it is unreal today. This function can be use with a fully attentive driver. And you must know that you should purchase it separately.

How much cost of Autopilot?

Price of Tesla Autopilot is depended from driving capability.  You can buy Autopilot for such prices:

From $2,000 to $10,000 (Full self-driving capability) in the US.   

What the differents of Tesla Autopilot or FSD?

Autopilot include some function like Traffic-Aware Cruise Control and

Autosteer: (assists in steering within a lane).

Full self-driving capability provides the next functions:

  • Active Navigate on Autopilot
  • Auto Lane Change
  • Autopark
  • Summon
  • Smart Summon
  • Traffic and Stop Sign Control

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