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Modern car has many electrics consumers but alternators are powerful enough to cope with the demand for current.  If the car has a dynamo, and its output is not enough, it will be better to swap a dynamo for an alternator.

Alternator wiring diagram

Before fitting the alternator (generator), you need remove the dynamo. It is not difficult, but there are some problems to mount the alternator, because it has different size to dynamo. In addition, we need right wiring it in.

Removing and mounting

Firstly, you need to disconnect the battery. Then remove the generator drive belt and take out the dynamo machine.

Use insulating tape for wrap of thick wire ran to the dynamo D terminal. Wire shouldn`t touch the car body.

The dynamo is mounted to the engine block with special right-angled bracket. One end of the bracket bolts to the block and other to the rear part of dynamo. If there is a second mounting point on the block just forward of the existing one you need unbolt the mounting bracket from the block, move a bit it forward and bolt it into the other mounting point. After these acts, mount the alternator in place. If you can`t find the second mounting point you can buy special extra-long mounting bracket and mount the alternator to that. This variant is easier.

But, there are cases when there are not brackets available to your car. Then we need adapting the existing mounting point to mount the alternator.

Alternator mounting
Alternator mounting
  1. Move the bracket forward to other mounting point;
  2. Fit an extra-long bracket to the place original mounting point;
  3. Use steel tube to extend the alternator mounting point.

After alternator installation, bolt it in place. Existing mountings check that the pulley is in line with the crankshaft and water pump pulleys.   

Many drivers ask – Where can I buy a cheap alternator?

The cheapest way to buy an alternator is to find your model of cars on scrapyard and buy the alternator.   This way don`t give you a guarantee. If you buy alternator from your car dealer it will be more expensive but it is reliable.  You have to sure that buy the correct model of alternator for your engine. They can be with different mounting points.

Electrical work for connecting the generator

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