Connecting rod construction

Connecting rod construction

Connecting rod. A connecting rod is a member which connects a piston to a crankshaft in an engine. It provides reciprocating motion into rotating motion. A connecting rod converts rotating motion into reciprocating motion, too.

Connecting rod construction for Kids

Connecting rod construction: 1-nut; 2 –bolt; 3, 14 – oil hole; 4 – beam; 5 – bronze bush; 6 – oil hole to piston pin; 7 – rod small end; 8 – connection rod number; 9 – rod big end; 10 – connecting rod cap;  11 – shakeproof washer;  12 –mark; 13 – connecting rod bearing, 14 – oil hole.

Auto mechanic answers the question: How Do Pistons and Connecting Rods Attach to a crankshaft?

Aleksej Pavlenko explains how back-and-forth motion of the pistons in the cylinder bore is transforming to the crankshaft rotation, – “I want to talk you about how the back-and-forth motion of the pistons in their cylinder bore is transforming to the crankshaft rotation.”

A connecting rod connects a piston to a crankshaft with help two split and bolted halves. You need to add enough prelube before attaching the piston and connecting rod to the crankshaft. If you wouldn`t do it, the oil pump will not have time to send fresh oil to places it`s need. When connecting rod connects to the crankpin, and the connecting-rod cap is slid into place, we need to install connecting rod cap bolts. Once the bolts are in place, them have to be tightened with the torque as specified by the manufacturer.

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  1. Bryson Owens says:

    My son and I are trying to do some repairs on our own cars this spring to keep them running well. He needs a new connecting rod so I appreciate you giving some advice like having enough lube on the rod. I think this is probably above my expertise though so he needs to see a mechanic for that repair.

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