Crankshaft construction and Related Parts 

Crankshaft construction

Crankshaft are responsible transmits the power created inside the cylinder and combustion chamber to the transmission through the clutch.

Crankshaft construction

Crankshaft Construction Scheme

Crankshaft includes main bearing journals and rod bearing journals, counterweights, web of crank, flywheel flange and pulley end. Rod bearing journals provides the connect of crankshaft to connecting rod. Main bearing journals enters bearings installed in the cylinder block. Webs of crank connects main bearing journals and rod bearing journals to create the crank.
There are many different shapes of crankshaft that depends by the number of the cylinder and location, the order of operation and engine tact. Сounterweights located on the crankshaft, perceive the centrifugal forces and the moments created by them. The crankshaft is made from alloy steel by the stamping swaging method.

Crankshaft is one of the most expensive detail of engine. Okey, let`s consider the examples of VW crankshafts.

Crankshaft flow detection

We will see how to test crankshaft on the one of Automobile Repairing Plant. I remember how we studied of main parts wearing: main bearing journals and rod bearing journals of crankshaft.

Crankshaft flow detection

The measurements were carried out by micrometer. Crankshaft wearing can be defined by the main bearing journals and rod bearing journals wearing. We need to receive ovality and taper measurements of crankshaft bearing journals.  Let`s know crankshaft repair cost.

VW Cranshaft Cost

Title VW Price
Crankshaft, 69Mm, Cast Iron, 4 Dowel, VW Journals   Direct drilled cranshafts force the oil in one direction for better full flow lubrication. $199.99

Crankshaft, 69Mm, Cast Iron, 8 Dowel, VW Journals  
10692 is a budget counterweighted crankshaft for engines that won’t exceed 110hp or 5500 RPM.  

Crankshaft, 69Mm, Forged Chromaly, 8 Dowel, VW Journals  

These are a perfect crankshaft for racers on a budget. 69mm stroke $282.99

How crankshaft works

How crankshaft works

The combustion process gets this piston going up and down and it`s the job of the crankshaft to turn up and downmotion into rotation.

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