Engine classification

engine classification

Car needs the engine as energy source. The engine provides mechanical power to keep the car moving. Piston engines classifications by the next signs.

engine classification
  1. The purpose: transport and stationary;
  2.  The Operating cycle: four-stroke and two-stroke engines;
  3.  Method of fuel injection: external carburation, internal carburation, injection by spaying.
  4.  The combustion type of fuel mixture: ignition forced (from spark plug) and ignition due to compression.
  5.  Type of fuel: gasoline engine, gas-power engine, diesel engine.
  6.  Number of cylinders: one-cylinder engine, multi cylinder engine (double-, three-, four-, six-, eight- cylinder engines).
  7.  By cylinders arrangement: cylinder-in-line, v-arrangement, flat.
  8.  Type of cooling: engines withliquid cooling and air cooling.

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