Intake and exhaust manifold

The inlet manifold serves to supply the combustible mixture from the carburetor to the engine cylinders. They are usually cast from aluminum alloys. Inlet pipelines are heated with coolant or exhaust gas, which contributes to the evaporation of the fuel film.

The exhaust pipe is designed to exhaust gas to the exhaust pipes and silencer. The exhaust pipe is cast from cast iron. The heat of the exhaust gases is used to heat the combustible mixture at the outlet. For this purpose, the inlet and outlet pipelines are connected by studs through an iron asbestos gasket.

Elements of exhaust gas intake and exhaust systems and heating of a combustible mixture:

Intake and exhaust manifold

a – inlet and outlet pipelines of the engine; b, c – flap positions corresponding to the smallest and greatest heating of the mixture, respectively; d – exhaust system muffler;

1 – inlet pipe; 2 – tide for carburetor installation; 3 – hole for the pipe fitting of the vacuum brake booster; 4 – gasket; 5 – exhaust pipe; 6 – heating adjustment sector; 7 – locking pin and nut; 8 – shutter; 9 and 14 – the bottom of the muffler; 10 – case; 11 – partition; 12 – camera; 13 – an internal pipe; 15 – exhaust pipe; 16 – pipes of the front wall of the muffler; 17 – exhaust pipes of the muffler.


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