Steering system construction

Steering system construction

Steering is the group of components and linkages, which allows any car to follow the desired course. The purpose of steering system is to allow the driver to guide the car. Each car have a steering gear, which used for controlling the direction by turning usually front wheels of a car.

If you would like to learn all about the car steering system construction. Like how steering system works, What are the kinds of the steering system, also many information about How steering system supports handling, and road holding or drive ability, this article will help you know it. On the picture shows front wheel steering system scheme, because cars always equipped with front wheel steering.

The steering system is worm gear or screw gear, and rack and pinion or steering box intended to converts the rotation of the steering wheel into a movement of the road wheels. The steering system also provides a driver to use light force to steer a heavy car. The steering effort transmits to the wheels through a system of pivoted joints.

Pivoted joints are allow the wheels to move up and down with the suspension without changing the steering angle. Pivoted joints adjusting must be very precisely, because even a little loneness can be a reason of a dangerous situation on the road.

There are two main steering systems in use:  

  • rack and pinion;
  • Steering box.

The trucks have heavier steering, so these have a system of power assisted to reduce the effort on the steering wheel needed to move the vehicle.

The rack-and-pinion system construction

There is a small gear wheel inside a housing at the base of the steering column. Turning of the gear wheel makes the rack move from side to side.

The ends of the rack couples to the road wheels by track rods.

The steering-box system

There is a worm gear inside the box at the base of steering. Worm gear is a threaded cylinder. When a bolt is turning which holding a nut – the nut move along the bolt. In the same way worm gear are working. The steering system with worm gear has achieved wide distribution.

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