How to change cvt fluid and how much does it cost

One of the automatic gearbox advantages is easy of maintenance, which consists of regular checking of the transmission fluid level and its replacement.

As a rule, most faults of automatic gearboxes arise through evaporation and leakage. You should use only transmission fluid in according to the car handbook. Take the rule dont overfill, the fluid level up the should be on the full mark. Sometimes it is nessessary to checking and cleaning sump and the ventilating grilles on the torque-converter housing from the mud.

How to check the fluid level

Before the fluid level checking, up the the engine normal running temperature. Find the level ground and stop there, then apply the handbrake. Try to move the gear selector lever at some times through all positions. Set it in the park position and let the engine idle for two or three minutes.

During the checking fluid level wipe round the dipstick with the clean cloth. Input it and draw it gently, so as not to force fluid back up the dipstick tube and so give a false result. Withdraw the dipstick and immediately check the level.

See the fluid on the dipstick if it specks of dirt or metal — it can be indicated wear. Draining and refilling automatic transmission fluid Top up the fluid gradually through the dipstick tube. Use a small funnel for comfort maintenance.

Follow for the level to avoid overfilling. The modern automatic gearboxes dont need regular refilling. But if it need to do, it makes at certain fixed mileages. The works by the draining and refilling of transmission fluids should be carried out according to the safety rules, beacause the fluid will be hot enough to cause serious burns.

vIf the transmission fluid used on a CVT ranges from $15 to $30 a quart and the transmission’s capacity is from 4 to 5 quarts. So the labor to change the transmission fluid can be near $100 at all.

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