Truck Anatomy

Truck vehicles are used for transporting big goods, equipment and materials. Also «lorry» is term for a truck in British.   Truck anatomy is a part website provides education of young trucks drivers.

Truck anatomy

Every one truck consist of a chassis, a cab, an area for placing cargo or equipment, an engine, drivetrain, axles, suspension and wheels.

If you want to become driver of truck you have to learn truck anatomy and how trucks work. Some trucks also tow one or more trailers or semi-trailers. All truck vehicles vary in according to transporting goods mass can it transports, so have been created trucks classifications by transporting goods mass.

Trucks classifications by the transporting goods mass:

  • especially small (0,3-1 ton);
  • small (1,0-3,0 ton);
  • middle (3,0-5,0 ton);
  • big (5,0-8,0 ton);
  • biggest (more 8 ton).


Car hauler construction

Also Trucks Vehicles classifies by special purpose. These trucks are using to do non-transporting work usually. These include commercial vehicles, utility vehicles, fire fighting trucks, cranes and repair shop.    

It can be said these trucks are used for special works and so these trucks designed and produced individually, on a custom-order basis, like this car hauler.
Society can`t keep functioning without using of special-purpose vehicles because it became part of their life. These vehicles can range from vehicles for rescue and firefighting right through to cleaning and refuse handling trucks and defence and peace keeping vehicles.

Truck for special purpose

First, let us consider different trucks for spesial purpose. I created this scheme of trucks for special purpose for easy comparison. And I think it help you understand any differents between trucks for special purpose.