What does an Automotive Engineer do

Automotive engineers are people which work in area of the automobile industry.  The objective of Automotive engineer`s work to create the vehicles, and control the safety of Vehicle producing.  

The work of an automotive engineer includes three main categories:

What does an Automotive Engineer do

If you want to be the automotive engineer you’ve got to the university. It is the first step of young specialist to automotive industry. Automotive engineering study start out by studying Mechanical Engineering.

The automotive industry is really popular international work, so Automotive Engineering studying might be your first step by the way into this popular proffesion. There are some largest companies of Automotive industry in the world. If you are looking for a good place to start your swift career take a look at the programmes offered by these automotive companies.

Learn the responses on automotive industry work including from some young engineers working across a broad range of automotive engineering jobs like Electric Car Assembly Technology, from Ford Automotive Company to Nissan Automotive Company.

I hope that this video will be usefull for your next step in your career as Automotive Engineer .

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