Electric Car Assembly Technology

Electric Car Assembly Technology

The choice of assembly mechanization tools depends on the number of electric cars being assemble, as well as on the required assembly accuracy. The high productivity and accuracy of joining parts are achieve using various mechanized tools and devices. There are using mechanized tools with electric, pneumatic and hydraulic drives in the process of assembling electric vehicles. Example: tools of shock and rotational action.

The devices use in the technological assembly of the car are divide into the following types:

  • for installation and connection of parts;
  • control devices and stands for checking the quality of the assembly and determining the actual operational characteristics of the assembly or electric car.

Electric and hydraulic hoists, bridge cranes, single-beam bridge cranes (beam cranes), slewing jib cranes, single-rail overhead tracks (monorails) equipped with electric hoists are used as hoisting vehicles to ensure the assembly process.

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The transportation of parts and assemblies is carried out using electric cars, electric forklifts, rail and trackless carts, plate conveyors (live rolls), and suspended conveyors. For general assembly of electric vehicles, freight conveyors are usually used.

Workplaces of assemblers are arranged in the order of the sequence of operations of the assembly process. When performing assembly work, safety regulations must be observed.

Assembly should be done on special stands or fixtures that ensure a stable position of the assembled product or assembly unit. The tool used for assembly work must be in good condition and appropriate for its intended purpose.
Before starting work, electric and pneumatic tools must be tested to verify their serviceability. The electrical wires and hoses of the pneumatic tool must not be tensioned.

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Electric Car Features

If you interest of an electric car, it`s good to know exactly how electric car works.  An electric car has a battery instead of a petrol tank, and an electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine.

The battery of the electric car provides storage of electricity and drives the electric motor. The car’s battery needs to be charge use grid electricity, like your phone.  

Electric car technology

The advantage of electric vehicles is that they can be charge at home by special charging unit installed. Electric cars don`t produce exhaust gases at all, that do them much cleaner. Modern electric cars have use really advanced technology that further reduces running costs and save energy.

One of this technology is actually charge the battery when you brake – called «regenerative braking».

Leading manufacturers are constantly competing in the creation of advanced technologies for electric vehicles. However, the main task in the development of electric vehicles is to increase the battery capacity, respectively, and the driving range of the electric car.

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