Disc vs Drum Brakes: advantages and disadvantages

The most widespread types of brakes are disk and drum. There are modifications of cars, which have disk and drum brakes.

The front brakes as rule as disks because play a greater part in stopping the car than the rear ones. It can be explain this fact that braking throws the car weight forward on to the front wheels. The drum brakes are at the rear.

What are the differences between these braking devices, which ones are cheaper, more efficient and practical?

What are advantages and disadvantages of the Drum and Disc brakes

At first we have to understand how disc and drum brakes work and find main different of the work these types of brakes.

The disc brake is open system of braking in which disc rotation decreases by the clamping the brake pads. The main elements of disc brake is pair: pads and disc.

The advantages of this system be obvious, because it cools faster and it`s easier to clean. However, it has some disadvantages like quick wearing of pads.

When in disc braking, the brake pads press the disc, in drum versions they expand slightly to slow down the drum and, accordingly, the wheel.

Drum brake system has own advantages like simplicity of the design, but drum brakes are more overheating than disc brakes.

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  1. Martin Lisa says:

    I just faced drum brakes heating issue. It can be solved by changing or collision but it is wise to install disc break. I just want to know the lasting time of a brand new disc break, whatever the brand is?

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