Car Starter Repair Cost

Starter repair costs or starter replacement depend on the type of car you drive, parts costs and labor costs. The average cost for a starter replacement is between $400 and $650 at all.

You can save some money if you will have ordered parts in internet shop. Some repair service centers gives discounts for regular customers. So labor costs are estimated between $130 and $180.

If you have no money to repair the starter in service center, you can do starter repair DIY.

The starter motor is an electric motor that will turn a car’s engine in order to start the engine. The starter is an element of starting system. Start system includes the battery, the ignition switch, relays and fuses.

How a starter works

When the driver turns the ignition key to start, or press the start button, the starter circuit is connected and the starter will run. A starter has a small pinion gear that is connecting with a larger ring gear on the flywheel when the starter is powered on. The rotation moment from the starter`s small pinion gear is transmitted to the crankshaft through the large ring gear on the flywheel. Synchronization of all necessary elements is providing sustainable engine work.

Why the starter fails and when to replacement the starter

Starters are durable devices but they will eventually fail of the following reasons:

Intermittent operation of the starter said about different defects on the armature. It can be a reason nothing happens when you turn the key.

In addition, the different electrical and mechanical faults can be a reason that starter draws too much current. In these cases the starter turns too slowly.

Different unusual noises by the engine starting can said about small pinion gear or flywheel ring gear damages.

Is it dangerous to drive with fail starter?

Starter problems don`t influence on the safe to drive, but you may be left stranded if you turn off the engine and the starter doesn’t work when restarting.

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