How to change Spark plugs in Car – cost, how often and self-replacement

Spark plug definition

Spark plug is a device, which is using for ignition of a combustible mixture in an internal combustion engine, by delivering electric current from an ignition system to the combustion chamber. Spark plugs need to change, check and cleaning with determinate periodic. Moreover, it doesn’t matter whether you own a new car or not. In modern cars, the motor is close by a plastic partition, but you should not be scared – an independent replacement of spark plugs in this case is also possible.

Spark Plug Anatomy
Spark Plug NGK Anatomy

Buy spark plugs

The car owner’s purchase of the new spark plugs is a responsible occupation, because the choice of spark plugs can influence on the quality of the engine’s work.  Pay attention to the brand of the manufacturer and do not hesitate to check the performance of the spark plug`s elements from the seller.

Buy spark plugs
Buy spark plugs

You should know that large car Auto shops that value reputation; themselves offer a spark plug test. In addition, they use catalogs to simplify the selection of spark plugs for your car model.

If you are beginner to the choice of spark plugs, focus on the two main components – the geometric shape and the heat range. The spark plug`s form must not differences from the previous form, because you will not be able to screw it. The number indicates the heating mode of the element; Spark plug with a low indicator, quickly overheats. Recommended parameters are register in the service book for the car.

A standard spark plug consists of a ceramic case, a metal glass with applied thread and two petals at the bottom. There are spark plugs with a large number of petals that are easy to recognize – in the middle, there is a central electrode, which is surround by three or four electrodes on the side. This allows the fuel in the cylinder to evenly ignite and burn well.

How to replace spark plug safely

There are no special safety regulations for replacing spark plugs in a car. But I have one important recommendation for you, – don`t start to replace the spark plugs after immediately after engine car stops, so as not to get burns. Give the engine return to normal temperature.

Tools needed to change Spark plugs

The next step will be the preparation of the tools needed to change spark plugs: cup key and a couple of new ignition elements. Take a can of compressed air, a rag and technical alcohol (which need for cleaning the place around the spark plug). If you can`t unscrew the spark plugs during the replacement, apply a little aerosol grease to the threads before screwing in the spark plug.

Changing Spark Plugs

Spark plug removing

The spark plugs themselves are connect to the block that distributes the ignition with wires that need to be disconnect. To do this, grasp its cap and pull it with a little effort until the wire is disconnected. Remove only one spark plug`s wire, so as not to get tangle. Then screw out the spark plug by the spark plug remover. After spark plug removed, it is necessary to clean the dirt from the place where it installed using rag dipped in industrial alcohol.

Spark Plug installation

Before the installation, be sure visually compare the old spark plug with the new (the size of the thread on the spark plug and the gaps on the ignition elements). Lubricate the threads; just do not get on the electrodes themselves, as this can damage the spark plug. Then install the element, and then tighten clockwise with a wrench. Just do not pull more than need, as this can also harm the spark plug. Put the previously removed high-voltage wires on spark plugs.

Spark Plugs Changing
Spark Plugs Changing

Spark Plugs Changing can be done by every driver, but if you are not confident in your abilities, any service station will  help up this, so you can trust this work to auto mechanics.

How often to change Spark plugs in Car

We open the catalog of the NGK spark plugs manufacturer, it contains a recommendation for replacing spark plugs for cars of 15-20 thousand kilometers, for small cars 7-10 thousand kilometers.

Spark plug change cost

Spark plug change cost
Spark plug change cost

Standard spark plugs changing cost is between $50-$150 for service depending of work difficult, while the cost of spark plugs will near $15-$100 depending of manufacturer and quality of elements. Total cost for changing spark plugs is $65-$250.

Spark plug change cost
Spark plug change cost

Which spark plugs to buy and where to change the spark plugs you decide self-depending of your wallet and preferences.

I would be grateful for feedback on the topic: Which spark plugs are better to buy? Where to buy spark plugs cheaper? Where can I get my spark plugs changed?

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